Lacy Creek Series

Sometimes the right person is standing in front of you but it takes time to see it. Or act on it. Or stop being a chickenshit about it. At least that’s what the O’Brien siblings are learning. First, there’s mechanic Mikey and librarian Trish and their short and steamy best friends to lovers novella. Next, there’s tattoo artist Luke and single mom, romance author Zoey and their emotional long-fated romance. Finally, there’s Cece and George in an older brother’s best friend/best friend’s little sister secret romance. With lots of steam, heartfelt moments, swoony heroes, strong heroines, and a loving family at the core, these novellas will have you falling hard for the O’Brien siblings and their long-waited loves.

Finally Yours

“We’re idiots.”

Trish Davies is my best friend.
She’s also my greatest weakness.
Because I’m shamelessly obsessed with her. From her smart mouth to her sexy body and tiny ass to her endless passion for books. She’s my dream girl.
But what’s she looking for in a guy? Two words. Not. Me. 
And when she tells me about her date with a professor, I’m about to lose my mind. But I can’t blame her. Why would she want a former player, dumb jock turned mechanic who works too much when she can have someone smart and well-read, just like her. She’s always been too good for me and she always will be.
But when she calls asking for me to rescue her again, just like she always does, I go without a second thought, hoping this time she’ll see me as the knight on the white horse and not her asshole best friend in a tow truck.

Mikey O’Brien is my best friend.
My steaming hot, alpha, protective, always-makes-my-panties-melt best friend.
Best. Friend.
The thing is, I’m tired of being his best friend. I want everything with him. I’m talking passionate kisses and steaming hot sex and the kind of love that makes you ungodly stupid.
After almost twenty-five years of friendship, I don’t know how to get him to see me as more than his nerdy bookworm librarian best friend.
But when my apartment catches fire and I wind up staying with him, I decide to woman up. It’s time to take a chance. I’m going to seduce Mikey O’Brien.

Will Mikey & Trish realize they’re being idiots and finally get together? Find out in this short and steamy best friends to lovers small town romance.

Always Mine

Luke & Zoey:
Zoey Holloway has always been mine, even when she didn’t know it.
From high school when she was my little brother’s best friend who I had a crush on, to now as a single mom with a sweet smile, quick wit, and a body worth worshiping, she’s had my heart.
After years of thinking it would never happen, we’re finally together, living the life I always dreamed of—except for one thing. The thing she doesn’t know about. The thing I can never give her.
I tell myself it won’t matter. She’s not my ex. She’ll love me no matter what. But as we grow closer and become more deeply entrenched in each other’s lives, I start to wonder if that’s true, or if she’ll grow to resent me like my ex did.
More importantly, is that a chance I’m willing to take? With as much of myself as I’ve given her, could I survive if I lost her?
Can Luke and Zoey fight through their emotional baggage to have the kind of love they always dreamt of? Find out in this emotional and steamy friends to lovers fated romance.

Only Ours

Cece & George:
For the last sixteen years, I’ve known one thing, Cece O’Brien is off limits.
My best friend Mikey made it clear, if I want my body to remain intact, I’m not allowed to touch his little sister.
The only problem? I did a hell of a lot more than touch her last night. Now we’re sneaking around, hiding our relationship from Mikey and her entire family—the people who took me in when I left my abusive father. I owe them everything. But the second Cece’s lips met mine, my loyalty shifted to her.
Now I’m playing by her rules and praying that when her family finds out, they won’t disown me. And when Mikey finds out, he won’t kill me.
Will George and Cece’s relationship survive when everyone finally finds out the truth? Find out in this steamy, funny, and heartfelt best friend’s little sister, secret romance.