Ida Romance Series

Set in the fictional small town of Ida, New York, this series of interconnected standalone romances tells the love stories of a group of longtime best friends.
With lovable, relatable characters who wriggle into your heart, and plenty of cozy small town vibes, you’ll fall in love with this series and all heartfelt, swoony, and steamy moments.

Reckless for You

Deanna Drivas is a spitfire. Feisty, bold, a queen.
And she’s torturing me every single day.
From the moment I met her outside my gym at the yoga studio she just opened, I haven’t been able to think about anything but her.
Now she’s in my office as I help her with business things, she’s in my gym in those tight little yoga pants, and I am hanging on by a thread.
Even though I shouldn’t, I want nothing more than for her to be my queen.
My father taught me to love recklessly, and with her I want to be reckless in every way. Give her my heart, my life, my business—put it all on the line.
But when the one constant in my life is threatened to be ripped away, I start to wonder if love is too big of a risk to take.
What happens when true love socks you in the gut, then life deals you the knockout blow? Is love too much of a risk to take? Find out in Deanna and Andre’s steamy, interracial, insta-love small-town romance

Faking It for the Holidays

I am an absolute idiot.
Thirteen years ago I made a pact never to date Kaila Monroe—my best friend, and the girl I’ve been in love with for most of my life.
Now I did something even dumber.
I agreed to be her fake boyfriend.
What the hell was I thinking? 
But I couldn’t stop myself. She looked at me with those pleading blue eyes, and as always, I said yes to her. Like always, I’d do anything to make her happy.
And maybe I thought if we pretended to be together, she’d realize how amazing we could be and forget about that stupid pact.
Instead, I’m more in love with her than ever and have no idea if she’ll ever allow herself to see me as more than her best friend.
What happens when two best friends who swore they’d never date decide to fake date for the holidays? Find out in this whirlwind, BFFs-to-lovers, surprise pregnancy romance.

Everything for You

Lauren Barnes captivated me the first moment I met her.
Her effortless charm drew me in, her smile brought me to my knees, and her beautiful heart captured mine in an instant.
Over the last year I’ve fallen harder for her than I ever thought possible.
Just as I think we’re about to get our happily ever after, everything changes.
The fierce woman I love grows cold, distant, and mean.
She pushes me away and refuses to talk to me as I cling to her for dear life. The last thing I want to do is lose the woman who owns my heart.
But as her pain presses on all my insecurities, I start to wonder if there’s anything left to fight for or if I’ve already lost her.
Can Todd and Lauren’s relationship survive the pain of grief and loss and the haunting insecurities from past relationships? Find out in this steamy and emotional interracial small-town romance.

Running Back to You

Stephanie Hawley is my greatest weakness.
The red-haired hellion who both infuriates me and lights me on fire.
She’s also my wife.
One alcohol-fueled night in Vegas, we made a commitment, one she wasn’t ready for.
Nothing like a marriage to destroy a relationship.
Yet, I can’t quit her. Despite being broken up, whenever she knocks on my door, I let her in without question.
But when she shows up looking for something else entirely—a date to her sister’s wedding—I take a chance. I’ll be her date, if she’ll be my wife—for real this time.
Now we’re living in the same house, going home to her chaotic family, and trying to put the pieces of our relationship back together again.
With everything on the line, I’m starting to wonder if we can rise above the pain of our tortured pasts or if our heartache will tear us apart for good.
Can Mike and Steph learn to open their hearts and trust each other or will their relationship end up another painful memory? Find out in their steamy, emotional, second chance small-town romance.