Freaking Love

Centered around Maia Barone, her best friends, and her wild family, Freaking Love is a mature coming-of-age romantic drama series about relationships, lifelong friendships, what family really is, big drama, hard life lessons, and, of course, love. Stupid freaking love.

Freaking Love Part One: First Love

Can first love survive real life?

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me.
Seventeen and knocked up was not how I saw my life going. Yet, somehow, here I am. And I already know… this isn’t going to go well.
My mother? She’s gonna kill me. This is pretty much the one thing she asked me not to do. The only thing she never wanted for me.
My dad? He might hide it, but seeing disappointment in his eyes would be enough to break me.
My best friends? Well, let’s face it, they’re pretty much the most supportive people on the planet, but I don’t think any teenager is excited to hear their best friend is pregnant. Not to mention it’s going to change everything because then there’s…
Braden, the boy I’ve loved since I was six. I don’t think he can handle it. I know he’s not ready for it. We’ve always had an easy time. I thought our love was different, that it could last a lifetime. But now, I’m not so sure. I’m afraid this might be the thing that destroys us. Can first love survive real life? Can we survive this?

Freaking Love Part Two: Real Love

Sometimes first love doesn’t last, but real love will always persevere.

Braden was right. He said I was done and I am. Maybe I’ve been done for a while now, but that doesn’t make him walking out on me, and especially Harper, any easier. A month of running away from his life and he finally returns to town, yet I’m the one picking up all the broken pieces he left behind. Now I’m living life as a single mom and trying to figure out—for the first time ever—who I am and what I really want from my life, all while healing from the heartbreak of my first love falling apart. This isn’t how I saw my life going. But I think I’m okay with that. I’m ready to move on, find myself, and maybe even consider falling in love again.

My best friend ghosted me. Broke up with Maia, walked out on his daughter, and left town. Even if he is back now, he’s not exactly making an effort to fix what he broke. And for me, he’s become a reminder of a dark piece of my past, my own father abandoning me. How the hell do I reconcile the guy who used to be my best friend with the person he’s become? I don’t know. But there is one silver lining. In Braden’s absence, I’ve been spending more time with Leigh. She’s still the ultimate pipe dream, but lately I think I might be weakening the walls she uses to guard herself. Call me crazy, but I’m starting to believe I might just have a shot with Leigh Romero.

Freaking Love Part Three: Forever Love

What we have is more than that. It’s the forever kind of love.

Everything is an utter wreck.
This isn’t how I saw my life going.
Braden is unconscious with life threatening injuries. As we walk the fluorescent-lit hospital halls and sleep in uncomfortable waiting room chairs, the weight of what we’ve all been through—are going through—hits us hard.
Vince is struggling with guilt over his broken relationship with Braden, and the painful memories this situation brings up about his mother’s death.
Nick and Leigh are trying to navigate a new relationship and pregnancy as Nick deals with regret over the last words he said to Braden, and Leigh continues to battle the anger inside her.
And then there’s me. I spend the hours replaying our last conversation, the hurtful things I said. Those feelings mix with my anger toward him, but also with the memories of what we once were. What I want us to be again.
I need him to wake up. I need him to fight through this so we can fight through this. I need my best friend back. Most of all, I need him to know I still love him—we all still love him. This is the forever kind of love, and we’re not giving up. I just have to hope he won’t give up either.

Don’t miss all the drama, heartache, romance, and love in the final installment of Maia, Braden, Vince, Nick, and Leigh’s story in Freaking Love Part Three: Forever Love.