Ida Romance Series:

Reckless for You

Love big.
Love hard.
Love recklessly.

Faking It for the Holidays

Two best friends made a pact never to date.
Now they’re fake dating for the holidays.
What could go wrong?

Everything for You

I’m going to show you what you’ve been missing. Everything you deserve.

Running Back to You

Nothing like a marriage to destroy a relationship.

Freaking Love Series:

Freaking Love Part One:
First Love

Can first love survive real live?

Freaking Love Part Two:
Real Love

Sometimes first love doesn’t last, but real love will always persevere.

Freaking Love Part Three: Forever Love

The love we have is bigger than all that. It’s the forever kind of love,

Lacy Creek Series:

Finally Yours

Stupid, friendly forehead kisses. I don’t want friendly. I want so much more…

Always Mine

You’re mine from this moment on. You’re mine forever.

Only Ours

I choose you. Do you choose me?

Friends Like This Series

Friends Like This

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to fall for your best friend.

Falling Like This

I’m in love with my best friend. And I think he’s in love with me.

Broken Like This

After all of this I still want him. And I hate us both for that.

Love Like This

“You better mean it.”
“Oh, I do.”